Two years later?

January 4, 2013


I just stumbled into this WordPress blog I started in late fall 2010. Two posts and one comment at the beginning, then … nothing.

So … am I bringing this blog to a close, or continuing it? The 2012-13 Christmas season is waning, after all. And I didn’t even bother to come up with anything approaching the wisdom (ahem) or, at least, personality of the previous posts.

No matter. Tomorrow is another day. Fiddle-dee-dee.


For Mr. & Mrs. D, Baby B, Pete, and Larry

December 1, 2010


What’s with all the deaths lately?

I’m talking about those recent ones in my little world: a co-worker’s father, a good friend’s miscarriage, one of my 19 first cousins, a family friend’s father, then the same co-worker’s mother — all within the last six weeks.

And every time there’s the inevitable question: why?

No answers here, just the understanding from Days One and Two of the Little Blue Book that God became a human being and was part of a family, just like us. And, like us, Jesus experienced the death of loved ones, like his earthly father. But no matter how bad things got for Jesus, he kept faithful to his heavenly father (“let it be according to your will,” “into your hands”).

That same heavenly father, through the Little Book, renews our faith with reminders that we each are part of his plan (Day Three) and called to be merciful (Day Four — which, by the way, included the return home from the hospital of my mother-in-law, after 2 1/2 days).

So, on average, it’s been a mixed start to Advent. Here’s to keeping the faith.

Welcome to The Little Blue Book blog

November 21, 2010


I hope you got your Little Blue Book in time for the beginning of Advent. Every year I promise myself I’m going to get them out earlier, and every year …

Oh, well.

This blog is another attempt to build community among we Little Book pilgrims. Let’s see how well I keep up with the posts. Please feel free to comment and share your experience during Advent and Christmas.

Or not. Spirituality is personal. And, as Anthony de Mello explains in the first “lesson” of his book The Song of the Bird, “No one can find your meaning for you.”

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Advent.

P.S. Please pray for those among our families and friends who have lost loved ones these past 12 months.